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Gerald Morse AKA "Investor Morse" deems himself a 'money manager' and provides a personalised service tailored to each individual client’s needs. With over thirty years experience as an international stockbroker, Morse has worked with many major international investment banks such as Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter and Merrill Lynch, and has in this time, worked in London, the US, Asia and various other places throughout Europe.

Investing in the BIG Picture

Morse specialises in offshore investment and is keen to focus on the 'big picture'. He believes many people, particularly the expatriate population are often ill advised with regard to offshore investment. In the majority of cases people were being advised to buy bonds, which prove expensive in terms of commission and running costs, and similarly lack flexibility. This is an area Morse is keen to change.

Recent proven annualised return----42%!!

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Disclaimer: Please note I am not registered for investment business in Cyprus nor do I conduct investment on the Cyprus market---neither do I operate any Trust funds in Cyprus.
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